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Earning a degree from a school within the Purdue University system is a tremendous accomplishment. The time and effort certainly were worth it and should pay remarkable dividends in the future.

But your association with Purdue doesn’t have to end now. In fact, as a Purdue alumnus, your link to Purdue can continue to grow.

Founded in 1878, the Purdue Alumni Association is a membership organization that focuses on providing resources and contacts for graduates. With the addition of Purdue Global, there are currently more than 575,000 alumni.

“We live and breathe for our members, and we focus our efforts on what we can provide them,” says Martin Sickafoose, vice president of marketing and digital strategy for the Purdue Alumni Association.

Learn more about Purdue Alumni Association benefits and why you should join.

The Purdue Alumni Association Exists to Help You

The Purdue Alumni Association is a strong network that is available to all Purdue system graduates, including:

  • Purdue University in West Lafayette
  • Purdue Global
  • Purdue regional campuses

It is structured to be a key resource for all alumni within the Purdue University system, providing benefits and connections intended to grow the careers and lives of its members.

“About three years ago, we made a concerted effort to focus more on the well-being of our alumni, whether that's personal, professional, or intellectual,” Sickafoose says. “We've moved away from the maypole dances and reunions and focused on how we can be a resource for our alumni as they go forward in their careers and lives as they get older.”

What the Purdue Alumni Association Can Offer You

There are some key benefits to belonging to the Purdue Alumni Association outside of the usual get-togethers and ticket discounts.

1. Access to a Huge Network of Professional Contacts

With graduates in all professions, Purdue alumni offer valuable connections. Alumni Association members can tap this network of Boilermakers for professional contacts and introductions to new opportunities.

“I think it broadens your ability to make professional connections, find your next career path... and find the advice you need to focus on the wellness aspect of your life.” Sickafoose says. “I know that I could reach across the globe and mention the fact that I went to Purdue and, 99% of the time, someone is happy to help.”

2. Opportunities to Stay Connected to Your Classmates

There are a few ways to connect with classmates. Among them are the alumni portal and clubs based on affinities and geography. These allow alumni to get together with other alumni both near and far.

Alumni Portal

The Purdue alumni portal gives you the opportunity to join and support other graduates in several different ways.

  • Connect - Look up fellow graduates to reminisce and see what they have been up to.
  • Give back - Be a resource for Purdue’s graduating students by offering to act as a mentor. Sickafoose says, “That mentoring capability can span from meeting for coffee or talking over the phone to a very detailed request."
  • Expand - Get introduced to people you should know by leveraging your professional network.

Domestic and Global Clubs Based on Affinities and Geography

Many clubs are available for nearly every interest, affinity, and location. Alumni can connect with other Boilermakers in their sphere locally or with those who share the same passions. For example, groups available include the International Council of Purdue Women and Purdue Black Alumni, as well as groups for Latino or LGBTQ alumni.

Amy Hawkinson, director of alumni engagement at Purdue Global, says she benefits from a geographic-based alumni club.

“I'm a Purdue Alumni Association member, but I'm also a part of the South Florida Purdue Alumni Club,” says Hawkinson, who lives in that area. “That allows me in-person opportunities to get together, volunteer in my community, and go to game watches.

“We have had Purdue Global grads who are a part of the association get together with folks in their area. For Purdue Global students, the Alumni Association is beneficial because it stretches their reach a little bit more and makes the network much stronger in their community.”

Sickafoose also belongs to alumni clubs.

“I graduated from Purdue in 1990. I live in West Lafayette, and I'm one of the Purdue grads who also works for the university, so we have an affinity group for that,” Sickafoose says. “But I'm more interested in reaching out to all the Purdue alumni across the world who are focused on digital marketing.”

3. Chance to Grow Your Post-University Career

Purdue Global students have access to the CareerNetwork, a full-service site for students and alumni to begin growing their career. The CareerNetwork gives access to:

  • Career Services
  • Career development opportunities
  • Career search tools

Other Benefits of Purdue Alumni Association Membership

The Purdue Alumni Association provides more than career opportunities. Alumni can access discounts, travel perks, publications, and more.

  • Online networking - Join fellow alumni to share your love for Purdue, get career advice, or just meet new people online. Speed chat sessions are also available.
  • Purdue Alumnus magazine - Receive the award-winning quarterly publication.
  • Nationwide discounts - Member-exclusive savings of up to 50% are available at thousands of retailers across the U.S.
  • Customized BOILER UPdate e-newsletter - Stay informed with news and updates from Purdue. You select topics you want to read about and when you want to receive it—then it shows up in your inbox as scheduled.
  • John Purdue Club priority points - Earn points for priority seating and access to high-demand tickets and benefits for Purdue athletic events with your John Purdue Club membership.
  • Member discounts - Get admission discounts at alumni events.
  • Purdue merchandise - Save on Purdue gear and gifts in-store and online.
  • Purdue alumni travel - See the world with fellow alumni and Purdue hosts.

Join the Purdue Alumni Association

The Purdue Alumni Association is powered by over 575,000 Boilermaker alumni to enrich the personal, professional, and intellectual lives of alumni and advance the University’s mission. Get the full range of benefits by joining the Purdue Alumni Association today.

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