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Center Overview

Access online resources and engage with the cybersecurity community.

Cybersecurity Programs

Earn your master's degree or bachelor's degree in cybersecurity online.

IT and Cybersecurity Faculty

Learn online from faculty who are distinguished technology experts, such as Donald McCracken, PhD.

About the Cybersecurity Center

The Purdue Global Cybersecurity Center is a resource for current and prospective IT and cybersecurity students to learn more about our training programs and be more engaged in the cybersecurity community.

The Center also provides resources for government and private sector employers seeking to train or hire employees and offers cybersecurity information for the public in general.

Cybersecurity Education

Many organizations are now identifying cyberattacks themselves instead of relying on external sources. Our online cybersecurity bachelor’s degree helps you develop the skills and knowledge to protect companies from a wide range of cybersecurity threats.

As organizations struggle with tracking and maintaining their internet footprint, the need for well-educated cybersecurity leaders is expected to grow. Our online master's in cybersecurity management helps you prepare for leadership roles directing and protecting critical information infrastructures.

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Purdue Global's School of Business and Information Technology has received programmatic accreditation for the following programs:

With ABET accreditation, students, employers, and all those served by the University can be confident that a program meets the quality standards that produce graduates prepared to enter a global workforce.

Industry Engagement

Purdue Global actively collaborates with a variety of organizations, large and small, to provide the cybersecurity education and training programs their employees need to fulfill their organizations’ missions in the cybersecurity and information technology industries. We can construct custom bundles of courses or create custom content to ensure employees completing the courses can obtain the specific skills required by the organization. Cybersecurity needs have been specifically addressed to create opportunities for corporate partnerships.

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Student Activities

Purdue Global is dedicated to the support and engagement of our students and graduates and offers a robust selection of student organizations for students and alumni.

For more information or to join, students can email

Cyber Apprenticeships

Apply for apprenticeship opportunities that can help fund your education while you gain real-world industry experience and training:
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Cybersecurity Clubs and Club Meetings

The Digital Authority of Technology Association (DATA) is a student organization for students from diverse backgrounds in the information technology industry. DATA offers specific areas for cybersecurity, cloud technology, and analytics, but all students, at all levels, are encouraged to join and collaborate. The organization provides a structure for learning both outside and in the academic classroom. The activities are designed for students to gain new skills, study for certifications, and prepare for academic competitions and the real-world scenarios they will face in their careers.

Webinars with industry leader guest speakers are held monthly, on; the third Tuesday of every month at 7:30 pm ET.

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Cybersecurity Competitions and Events for Purdue Global Students

Purdue Global students are active in both campus-based (Midwest Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition) and virtual cybersecurity competitions (National Cyber League - NCL) throughout the year.

Learn more about the cybersecurity competitions that Purdue Global students participate in, including team rankings and individual results.

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Read our blog to learn how cybersecurity competitions can benefit students, from sharpening their IT skills to demonstrating their ability to solve diverse cybersecurity issues in real-world scenarios.

Community Outreach

Purdue Global faculty and students can support your organization with IT and cybersecurity training, advice, or hands-on support. Please reach out to Associate Dean Tina Burton at to inquire if resources are available in your area.

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Cybersecurity Leadership Team

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