Online Tuition and Fees for General Nondegree-Seeking Students

Tuition and fee information published on November 4, 2022.

Per-Credit Tuition for Single Courses

Indiana residents: tuition for Purdue Global undergraduate courses is $280.00 per quarter credit hour, and tuition for graduate-level courses is reduced 10%.

Undergraduate Programs

Tuition for undergraduate (100- to 400-level) courses is $371.00 per quarter credit hour; $297.00 per quarter credit hour* for CJ346: Diversity and Inclusivity in Public Safety.


Unless otherwise noted, tuition for micro-credentials is at the standard undergraduate or graduate per-credit rate. Tuition is $297.00 per quarter credit hour* for Law Enforcement's Role in Society and Social Change, Leading Law Enforcement Reform, Diversity, and Social Problems, Prevention, and Crisis Intervention.

Graduate Programs

Tuition rates for master’s courses are $420.00 or $485.00 per quarter credit hour. See breakdown below. HS520: Essentials of Telehealth, HS530: Telehealth Coordination, MN690: Telehealth Application in Clinical Practice, and PS509: Telebehavioral Health may be audited (no course credits earned) at the rate of $350.00 per course.

*Nondegree-seeking only. The standard tuition rate of $371.00 per quarter credit hour applies when part of a degree or certificate plan. Military tuition rates apply to single courses and micro-credentials: active duty, $165.00 per quarter credit hour; veterans, $230.00 per quarter credit hour; spouses, 10% tuition reduction on standard tuition rates.

Requests to audit a course must be approved in advance of registration in the course, and if students register to audit a course they may not later in the term decide to take the course for credit. Any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the current tuition rate and/or changes to tuition rates are to be directed to Financial Aid. See the Additional Course Fees section for specific course fees.

Graduate Tuition By Program

Program Per-Credit Tuition
MS in Accounting (MSA), MS in Finance (MSF), Graduate Certificate in Accounting, MBA, MS in Management (MSM), and other graduate business certificates
Criminal Justice
MS in Criminal Justice (MSCJ) and MS in Homeland Security and Emergency Management (MSHSEM)
Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), MS in Education (MSE), MS in Instructional Design and Technology (MSIDT), MS in Higher Education (MSHEd), and Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design and Technology
Health Sciences - Health Care Administration
Master of Health Care Administration (MHCA)
Health Sciences - Other
Master of Health Informatics (MHI), Master of Health Information Management (MHIM), Master of Public Health (MPH), and Master of Science in Health Education (MSHE)
Information Technology
MS in Information Technology (MSIT), MS in Cybersecurity Management (MSCM), and Graduate Certificate in Information Security
Legal Studies
Master of Public Administration (MPA), MS in Environmental Policy (MSEP), and MS in Legal Studies (MSLS)
Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), MSN–Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Path, and graduate nursing certificates
Social and Behavioral Sciences
MS in Educational Psychology (MSEdPsych), Master of Public Administration (MPA), MS in Human Services (MSHS), MS in Psychology (MSPsych), and social and behavioral science graduate certificates

Fees and Policies

Fees for Single Courses

Resource: All students are required to pay a $345.00 resource fee per term ($250.00 for U.S. military servicemembers, veterans, and military spouses). For the graduate business, information technology, and education programs, MSCJ, and MSHSEM, this fee is $300.00 per 12-week term, divided into $150.00 per 6-week session ($100.00 per session for U.S. military servicemembers, veterans, and military spouses). Indiana residents receive a 10% reduction on resource fees per term.

Additional Technology Requirements for Courses: Along with the Technology Requirements listed in the Catalog, all students should review and be aware of any additional software and hardware requirements for their classes prior to enrollment. For a complete listing of additional requirements, visit

Transcripts: A fee of $10.00 is charged for each copy of an official transcript. A $2.00 shipping and handling fee will be charged if the receiving school is unable to accept electronic delivery. Additional fees are as follows: notarized, $30.00; rush delivery, $25.00.

Additional Fees: A $10.00 fee will be added for all returned checks.

Additional Fees for Purdue Global Courses


Students enrolled in the following business courses are required to pay the respective fee for each course:

  • GB 500: $45.00 for Marketplace Business Fundamentals Simulation
  • GB 601: $50.00 for Marketplace Strategy and Business Policy Simulation

Education Abroad

Students enrolled in BU329, GB528, GB529, GB602, HS470, or HS570 will participate in either an international travel or virtual Education Abroad experience. Fees for the travel experience will vary and are estimated to range from $3,000 to $4,500, inclusive of airfare, accommodations, travel insurance, ground transportation, specified tours and experiences, some meals, and other additional fees. Fees for the virtual experience will vary and are estimated to range from $250 to $400, inclusive of admission to all available experiences and other additional fees. Both the travel and virtual experience fees will vary by destination and itinerary and will be applied to your student account. Additional out-of-pocket expenses may be required, including for unforeseen circumstances. Contact Purdue Global Education Abroad ( for available programs and details. Refer to the Purdue Global Education Abroad Handbook for additional details, including experience locations, payment schedules, and refund policies.

Information Technology

Students enrolled in the following information technology courses have an additional one-time lab/simulation charge of $45 for each course: IT 530, IT 535, IT 540, IT 541, IT 542, IT 543, and IT 550.


Students enrolled in a School of Nursing course that requires a criminal background check must have an approved criminal background check from the Purdue Global approved vendor on file: (1) prior to the first day of the first term (the fee is $44.00 and is the responsibility of the student to pay the vendor directly where applicable; for Iowa residents, this fee is $54.00 to cover the cost of the Iowa-specific Child and Dependent Adult Abuse check); (2) prior to registering for practicum or clinical courses if the original check expires prior to or during the practicum or clinical courses (the fee is $29.00 and is the responsibility of the student where applicable; for Iowa residents, this fee is $39.00 to cover the cost of the Iowa-specific Child and Dependent Adult Abuse check).

Clinical fee of $350.00 per course: MN520, MN 569, MN 573, MN 577, MN 581, MN 585, MN 590, MN 603, MN 610, MN 651, MN 653, MN 655, and MN 657.


Students enrolled in an applied behavior analysis psychology program or course are required to pay a one-time fee of $395.00 prior to the start of PS 507, PS 512, PS 517, PS 522, PS 527, PS 532, or PS 555.


1. Payment of tuition and fees in full is due prior to enrollment.

2. Books and other instructional materials are not included in the cost of tuition for graduate-level courses; some courses may require students to purchase additional course materials from another source.

3. Tuition and fees are subject to change after 30 days’ advance notice. See the current Purdue Global Catalog/Addendum for an explanation of the Refund Policy.

4. Failure to return library materials to Purdue Global or any of its partner libraries will result in a financial obligation to Purdue Global and may result in postponement of registration for a new term or graduation.

5. Instructional materials must be returned unused within 14 days from the date the participant notifies the University of cancellation of enrollment. The participant will be responsible for payment of any bill received for instructional materials not returned.

6. Participants outside the United States or U.S. Territories will be responsible for the cost and the shipment of instructional materials including returns and payment of customs duties or fees.

7. Cancellation of Enrollment Agreement: Three-Day Cancellation—An applicant who provides written notice of cancellation within three days (excluding Saturday, Sunday, and federal and state holidays) of signing an Enrollment Agreement is entitled to a refund of all monies paid.

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